Tour Blume

Your Gateway to Renewal and Growth

Welcome to our sanctuary, where peace meets comfort and transformation is nurtured. We are happy to guide you on a virtual or in person tour that showcases our commitment to fostering a space that combines the best of luxury amenities and holistic wellness approaches. Here, every corner is designed with the well-being and progress of our clients in mind. The elegant surroundings coupled with state-of-the-art facilities make our center a haven where recovery is accompanied by rejuvenation.

Our Amenities

A Blend of Comfort, Leisure, and Growth

Our facility boasts an array of amenities that facilitate a nurturing and engaging environment. Each feature is thoughtfully integrated to ensure that our residents can experience a balanced lifestyle that caters to their physical, emotional, and intellectual needs. Here, take a glimpse at the facets that make our facility a haven for holistic recovery:


Semi-Private Rooms

Stay in spacious semi-private rooms, offering a serene and personal space to unwind and rejuvenate.


Fitness Center

Embark on a fitness journey with our well-equipped center, fostering physical health as an integral part of recovery.


Flat Screen TVs

Enjoy leisure time with modern entertainment amenities, facilitating relaxation and downtime.


Games & Activities

Engage in a selection of games and activities that promote interaction and community bonding.


Group Outings

Be a part of enriching group outings that foster camaraderie and mutual support amongst our residents.


Chef-Prepared Meals

Relish nutritious and delightful meals prepared by our in-house chef, a culinary experience that nourishes both body and soul.


Classroom/Study Rooms

Continue your educational journey with our dedicated classroom and study rooms, ensuring uninterrupted academic progress.


Teacher and Private Tutor

Benefit from the guidance of experienced teachers and private tutors, fostering a seamless continuation of educational pursuits.

The blend of premium facilities and holistic care is crafted to foster a rewarding and enriching recovery experience. Welcome to your home of renewal and growth.